Monday, January 19, 2009

Half and Half

Every morning I get up, exercise and then sit down with a cuppa and read, research, dream and plan (and clean, and complain and sometimes stomp around a little). It is always mediated by the half and half in my cuppa--creamy, sweet, tender, cutting the acid a little accenting the best parts of the caffeine.

This weekend was kind of that way. Saturday was spent far from home in the company of amazing women. None of our kids have ever been to school, many moms there had kids who are grown and have lives of heir own. We were there to laugh, argue, cajole, tease, share, cry and just BE together. It was amazing and exhausting.

Sunday we tried for another long ski (10- miles this time). We chose a very hilly course, there were crashes, ski issue and general crabiness. After 2 1/2 hours we called it quits after only 5 miles. I was not very pleasant for the rest of the day.

Our weekend was half and half.

I am a morning person, Evie is an evening girl. I am EXHAUSTED by 7:00. I need more half and half--whatever that means!


Stephanie said...

Aaaah - don't I know this one! :)
Glad to hear I'm not alone in the Trials Arena - sometimes I suspect that I am! (mostly I'm either in it blind-folded, or I can't see past the lions eating me).

As for the other - I start fading off at seven, too! Usually at eight o'clock I"m tucked in reading! :)

denise said...

OH, I get so tired by the end of the day too. The boys and I are morning people. But, I cannot work until they go to bed at night (8'ish) and then usually have 4 or more hours of work to do. I don't have many brain cells left that late, I tell ya.

Half and half. Yeah, I have those days too.

Sounds like your Saturday was good! How wonderful to know many HS/US moms - I often wish I had 'experienced' moms to chat with at times in this journey. :)