Monday, January 19, 2009


Tomorrow is a big day. We will be watching history with my parents while eating food from past inaugurations. I will cry. Evie will wonder why this is any different. We will all cheer.

The anticipation is palpable all over the world. This is the coolest website I have found lately (thanks Aunt Loretta). Hover your mouse over any dot to see a thumbnail of the current day's newspaper, double click for a larger view.

Thank you Dr. King--HOPE is alive!


Eluciq said...

so foods from past inaugurations...hmmm...this has me it old food or is it recipes used for those past inaugurations? :) giggle :)

it is an exciting time...i look forward to having it on at school with hopes of sneaking a peek...we don't have t.v. in our rooms...but we have one in our k-pod...hmmm...maybe i should be sick tomorrow and enjoy the big day at is an incredible day!

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited!
Oddly, I have this strange feeling like (even though time may/does shoot and twist as Mr. Hawking says, and not in a linear fashion)... like everything in the Universe will pause for just a moment, to celebrate and rejoice in this quiet step in Evolution.
I'm happy, regardless. :)