Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trying to Sit Still

Our Christmas celebrations were fabulous--festive and silly. We even dug a snow cave on the 25th that easily fit 6 people. Scott is off until the 5th, my work project is all caught up, why then am I having so much trouble sitting still. This is IT. My chance to relax and do nothing. Why am I filling it up? Filling it with playdates and cleaning and organizing?

This is the time of year when I always feel philosophical. It is a time of great inner conflict as we celebrate and have excess and hear stories and witness those who have none. Lately I feel less pressure than usual about "THE FUTURE." We have to live for now. What if we did pick up and travel for a year? What if we all learned to snorkel? What if we switched our days with our nights?

Isn't anything possible? Our friend ran the Iditarod. Wow! Other friends are in India for a year. We only get one life, let's really live it!


Shana said...

Amen. Life is all about adventures and new experiences.

denise said...


just today my son was saying to his little brother that we could all pick up and travel the they are BOTH big enough to wheel their own suitcase, can sit on a plane all day without crying, can eat airplane or rest stop food, and can 'hold it' long enough to get to a restroom. :) oh, and don't need a big giant carseat anymore (but boosters are ok, he said). his brother nodded, and said, ohhhhhhhh, OK! sounds like fun~!

oh, i love kids.