Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Headline: Squirrels Eat Castle

Fat Squirrels
A Poem by Evie Lynch

Squirrels like to eat marshmallows,
Consequently they are very fat fellows.
When they are fat, they are rather slow,
It is all the fault of the marshmallow.

I hope we are not contributing to an epidemic of wildlife diabetes, it sure is funny to see then go at it!

In other news of the day: I am very bad at being on vacation, please read this book, it makes me think we should a) move to Australia, b) move to Tasmania, c) make a book out of this.



Eluciq said...

I love your poem Evie...what a great photo...would never thought a squirrel would go for a gingerbread house...fun!

...I say move to Australia and we will come visit...otherwise I think your life is worthy of a book!

denise said...

I read that book and enjoyed it too (we seem to read a LOT of the same books!). I want to write a book. Maybe we should all write our books this winter. Looks to be a long one! :)