Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Duct Tape Is Heavy

Our challenge group met for the first time today and a great time was had by all. Our challenge? Make a boat using only duct tape and cardboard that can float a person at least ten feet. Most folks were very intent on the job at hand, a few kids preferred to play on their own. Our boat was the smallest, and certainly the least elegant. It was tippy and one of our partners fell in. I felt so badly and feel like I should have waded in to steady him. We decided to add pontoons/outriggers and that helped a lot. Evie paddled quite far out in the bay! It was a morning full of energy.


Eluciq said...

this is fantastic...just the energy boost i needed this afternoon...maybe i can have the kids do this in my classroom and have them just keep on floating down the roaring fork river all the way to the colorado river and on and on...giggle ;) FUN TIMES!!!!

Lynch Family said...

We thought of you guys several times during the morning. I totally recommend it as a fun family challenge!

denise said...

Super cool! We saw something like that on Fetch or something once, and the boys worked for ages trying to make a little boat out of stuff they found around the house. It was very interesting...but to actually FLOAT and paddle out into the water? Super Cool. We'll have to try that some day. :)