Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thank you all who commented or sent emails about yesterday's post--all were helpful. I spent the afternoon with a good friend, it was very restorative. She suggested some renewed "strewing" and direct conversation with Evie about subjects or skills I may feel she needs and why.

We spent this morning picking vegetables. The peppers were incredibly beautiful. We got round 1 of tomatoes for sauce, we have a busy weekend ahead but the processing and canning must begin!

If you are in the area come visit us at the Food For Thought Festival. We are in charge of the kid's activities. There will be chickens to meet, edible necklaces to make, vegetable twister and more!

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denise said...

Oh, fun! If we end up staying in town we plan to go...might see you there! :)

We have had so many tomatoes thus far - and they keep coming!