Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First Things First

I have a lot to say this morning! So much so that I think it will be a multiple post day.

Thing #1 Spring is really on its way! It a fit of verdant despondency we planted some wheatgrass (hard red wheat) the other day. You can literally watch it grow before your very eyes. Following are two pictures of our grass on consecutive days. It is about 5 inches tall now and green and yummy!

Thing #2 We made suet heart for our outdoor friends on Valentine's Day but it has only been discovered in the past week or so. This squirrel has kept us laughing with his antics.

Thing #3 Our chickens are just so great! We are getting an egg from each of them everyday now, 14 eggs a week is plenty for a family of three! They are affectionate, hilarious to watch, beautiful, interesting and just plain wonderful. I have more to say about them in the context of urban homesteading but that is for a later post--just enjoy the pics for now!

Thing #4 Our porch roof was leaking because of a nasty ice dam, it was dripping right into the house into some insulation--lovely. Scott was brave and full of excellent balance and shoveled off the roof. The leak will probably get worse before it gets better.

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denise said...

We have been sprouting everything we can get our hands on too! :) Can't wait to start all my flats of seedlings. SOon!

The chickens are so cute. Wish we could have them here. Some day though!

Good luck with that ice - blech!