Monday, December 03, 2007


Tiff tagged me for 8 things others don't know about me. The rules are as follows, if you read regularly, consider yourself tagged and link back!


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My 8:

1) I LOVE to vacuum. Okay, maybe not a secret. But I truly love the act of sucking up dust. When I am in a bad mood sometimes Scott will tell me to "go vacuum something." Recreational Vacuuming-- cheaper than therapy!

2) I was almost on Teen Jeopardy. I passed all the tests, had my screen test and then it was names out of a hat--damn, I could have been a star!

3) I love makeover shows. Haircuts, weight loss, new clothes--I am always sucked in.

4) I have a babel fish in my ear. I have the strange ability to eavesdrop in almost any language. I have been known to listen to multiple conversations in a restaurant, the most famous of which I said to Scott in disbelief "Can you believe he just said that?" Scott responded, "I think they are speaking Chinese." I have a bit of trouble with Finnish and the Baltic languages, but other than that I am pretty good.

5) I have always wanted to be an athlete. I ran a marathon in 2004 just because I thought I should do such a thing. Mostly I just workout to keep from being to grumpy.

6) I cry at the drop of a hat--cotton commercials, people winning a lot on a game show, anything.

7) I also throw up at the drop of a hat--sad, lonely, bad food choice, excited, pregnant--I am a vomiting pro--betcha didn't know that one!

8) I met my husband in a hole in the ground on a deserted island in Alaska. Ask me the story some time!

Tag~! You're it!

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Stephanie said...

Hi I just found you from Sandra's blog and I had to comment that I too love to vacuum, I call it my *therapy session*
Nice to meet you!