Friday, November 30, 2007

Thank Goodness for the Tomten

This has been one of those weeks when it probably would have been better if we stayed in bed all week! Major trouble with our car, thousands of dollars of repair and general despair over the world's inability to recognize that Scott is really talented and would be an asset in any job has led to a week of BLAHHHH. Luckily, the Tomten has been working his usual mischief and we have decorated Evie's tree and the mantel, hung snowflakes, made foam snowflakes, gone mini-golfing, made cookies and made yummy soap all thanks to that magical Tomten stocking.

We rang bells fro the Salvation Army on Wednesday night. This was Evie's 5th year ringing, it is one of our favorite family traditions. We will ring again next Wednesday. After work tonight we are headed for the Milwaukee Public Museum for a sleepover! Snow is on its way and our favorite Christmas concert in happening on Sunday, maybe our hilarious chickens will lay and egg and Scott will get a job and it will turn out to be the best week ever. . . thank goodness for hope. . . in all its forms.

Oh yeah, we were on TV this week too about local eating. To read the story or view the video click here.

I was tagged by Tiff for a meme . . .that will have to be a different post!


denise said...

Our car went out yesterday too--seems like too many repairs this year. Blech.

What did you add into your soap? We have been making soap this week too--and have mostly added oils and ground apricot--looking for more ideas! :)

Sending good juju vibes your way.

Lynch Family said...

We mixed in Eucalyptus oil, orange extract, peppermint leaves, calendula leaves, yarrow and "soap glitter"--not all in each kind of course! The soap glitter take son the color of whatever else you mix in so it looks green in the pictures because of the peppermint leaves. Taking a shower is wonderful!

denise said...

Mmm. That sounds wonderful! Thanks! :)