Monday, November 19, 2007


This has been a weekend to remember! On Saturday we drove to Evie's first log rolling tournament. We were lucky to be meeting old friends there, Evie was so glad to have a good friend rolling with her. It was a hot, wet, long day and Evie was MAGNIFICENT! She took third in her division, the biggest division at the tournament! She got to roll the world champion whose father commented that she was awesome and next year's world champion in that division might finally be girl (mine!) While Evie was roling my heart was going a mile a minutes, my stomach was tight and I felt like I was going to faint, I had no idea I would feel that way. Luckily the only outward manifestation was a smile and a "thumbs up" to Evie. Log rolling is a such a tremendously awesome sport with people participating from all walks of life, all body types, everyone is so supportive and nice. I have just been bursting to brag to the world and since it is not exactly polite to accost people in the street I am using the blog to yell "I AM SO PROUD OF MY KID!!!!!"

As if that weren't enough in one weekend we also got to see Cirque du Soleil at a stadium within walking distance of our house. Cirque du Soelil has been the one constant in Evie's life outside family. We have DVDs and tapes of programs, we have been to three live shows and Evie's goal is still a career with Cirque. My dad took us yesterday and we were in the third row. It is exhausting to watch as your emotions soar and twist. Evie got to "high five" a performer and the trapeze artists swung right above our heads. As my dad said, you get tears of joy just watching the spectacle.

One of the best weekends on record for our family and heading into one of my favorite weeks of the year. We are being interviewed for a news story about local eating to run after Thanksgiving, check the other blog for more info. I hope crafting and fires and dark and music and yummy smells are in our future and yours.


Eluciq said...

"...Cirque du Soleil---walking distance from their house...ah I wish we were there...lucky!" -this was Keegan's reaction to your blog.

Of course Rohnan was in awe of Evie log that is pretty COOL!

You can SHOUT AWAY...although acosting someone on the streets would be a sight to see...giggle :)

Andrea said...

Congratulations to Evie! And I always get nervous when Reagan plays in chess tournaments, I didn't expect that either. I'm glad I found your blog!