Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still Greek

Today Evie woke up and started reading myths. She took a break to eat, then, mid-toast, asked me to keep reading to her. Then Scott read to her. Then she made a lyre (a la Apollo) then we worked on a diorama together which she called "Hades Kidnaps Persephone." It is incredibly detailed and depicts the earth splitting open and Hades grabbing Persephone to take her to the Underworld. We also dressed each other in togas. This afternoon we took a walk to buy supplies to make sugar skulls (calaveras)for an upcoming Day of the Dead party. Due to a detour on the way home we ended up at the zoo and then the local pet store. Evie is reading again . . . guess what! And then we will snuggle up for Dancing With the Stars.

A day well lived!


Wendy said...

I have a question for you... what do you eventually do with all of the stuff Evie makes? My daughter hates to part with anything, especially something she's put time and effort into, but we don't have room to collect stuff like this.

Just curious.

Lynch Family said...

Wendy that is an EXCELLENT question! Evie has a nature table that she collects things on throughout each season. At the solstices and equinoxes we pick a few of the dearest treasures and they get put in a box labeled with the year. The rest get returned to nature. As for the paper projects etc., most of them stay up somewhere in the house for many months and eventually get recycled. I make sure to take pictures of all of them and at the end of each year of Evie's life I compile a book of spectacular paper work she has done and I stick in a CD with pictures of all the projects, trips etc. I save our calendars and include those as well as our library receipts so I have a nice record of each year--the blog is a good record as well. It is hard to part with treasures, no doubt about it!

Eluciq said...

OH Jen...I love how you keep the memories alive in a book...and the library receipts...now that is awesome.

You are such a creative mommy!

We would love to have Evie come to the Yurts and teach the boys' about Greek Mythology...they would love it for sure...especially if it came from Evies retelling. Fun times!