Sunday, October 14, 2007


We're finally back, it was a great trip to MA. My card reader is working again and following are some pictures from the past 14 days. The first beach is Lake Michigan, the second (Evie in swimsuit) is Plum Island, MA. On Friday my mom took Evie to a local farm to pet kittens for hours (they are regulars there) and then to the World Clydesdale show. We went back on Sunday, Evie had been promised a ride but the horse owner reneged (I was very sad for Evie but she took it in stride). We walked through the barns and then stayed for some of the show--what magnificent animals!

To see the joy in everyday life is my current challenge. I am trying not to worry so much, plan all the time--just live--these pictures are testament to the fact that that comes easily to some!

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Eluciq said...

Oh...I see that joy in Evie with the hop, skip & jump into the ocean...that just says it all.

I the picture of you and Evie...are you guys letter boxing? :)