Monday, August 20, 2007

Lovin' the urban farms

Evie and I trekked over to Troy Gardens on the north side of town today. It is 31 acres of energy-giving wonderfullness that combines affordable housing, a CSA farm, community gardens, educational gardens and a prairie restoration. We ate tomatoes, gathered eggs, marveled at all the colors, toured the gardens looking at varieties of vegtables we have never seen before and made "dough" for the fairies out of various wild flower bits.

This afternoon we baked 100 mile compliant peanut butter cookies, did experiments with light and color and went to log rolling. Evie stayed on her log for over 3 minutes today, a new (an very impressive) record.

Evie is making a treasure hunt for me right now, I have a doozy planned for her in the morning but she doesn't know--oh how she loves treasures hunts!

A day well lived!


Eluciq said...

Oh I just love that happy smile on Evie...that is a great picture! We are loving the 100 mile blog...the boys' and I usually read it in the is very inspirational. As I have said before...You are an Absoulutely AMAZING family!

hugs to you all!

denise said...

Unschoolers! In Madison! Eating locally!

So nice to know there are others of similar interest here - we don't usually meet like minded families.

Glad to have found your blog - I'll be back! :)