Sunday, August 26, 2007

Amazing city

Madison, WI is an amazing city. Yesterday Evie woke up VERY early so we hit two farmers markets by 8:00 and then toured out neighborhood garage sale. One of the sales was at the home of a geology grad student. He was selling rocks and crystals and fossils. Evie was in heaven and bought several things for herself (including an incredible HUGE piece of amber) and a few presents for people.

We went and helped some friends paint their new house for a few hours, it is a GORGEOUS house with a great back yard in which the previous owners (also friends) had built a serpent effigy mound--how cool is that!

Last night (despite extreme tiredness) we went to the Orton Park Festival to see Evie's trapeze teacher's dance troupe (Cycropia Aerial Dance ) perform. It was magical, as always. The festival is the one place I can count on seeing almost everyone we know in Madison--a big park full of some of my favorite people. We ran into lots of friends and didn't get home until almost 11:00--a long day for a little one who got up at 5:00!

This weekend wasn't extraordinary in Madison, almost every weekend has opportunities and events that are amazing, fulfilling and magical. What a town!

On a separate and final note on the wonderful serendipity of life, we spent last week experimenting with color and light, prisms and the electromagnetic spectrum. Then, Thursday night after even more rain, a rainbow appeared at the end of the block--perfect timing and a real sign of hope! Love that!

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denise said...

Cool! While I love this spunky age they are in now, I also look forward to when my little guys are a bit older and we can get out for things like that! (Right now I'm lucky if we can make it through the grocery store without having to leave! ha ha!!!!). Very cool. :)