Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today was a wonderful day. I am not working for the next three weeks and it is like I have been given a new life (at least for now). It really makes it clear that me working at all does not work well for the family.

Yesterday Evie and I bought the Rainbow Hair Styles Klutz Book and have been enjoying our different possibilities. I am not sure the color really come out in the picture, Evie had pink in her braids and then we got green glitter hairspray for the ends and hair jewels--very fun.

Today we went to one of our favorite toy stores where Evie bought three model horse, two for herself and one for a friend. Then we went to Border's had foofy drinks and doughnuts and read books. Evie had a gift card so she came home with 7 books and read 5 of them over the course of the day. We went swimming briefly, got groceries, but mostly just reveled in the printed word.

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Eluciq said...

Now that sounds like a loverly day! Enjoy your time off.

We miss waking up with all of you in the morning!

LOVE Evie's hair...fun...fun..fun!