Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ups and Downs

Well, we found out this week that as of the end of the month, Scott is out of a job. The company he worked for was purchased in September and he has been an independent contractor for the last 6 months. All indications had been that he would be offered a job with the company, good benefits, good pay etc. Instead, the purchasing company has decided to create a position for an extremely junior person and basically destroy the prestige and relationship of the brand that Scott worked so hard on for five years, because it is too expensive to maintain Scott's level of service and quality. (That is the short version anyway.)

We are stunned, shocked, panicked, angry, scared, you name it. I am also curious and hopeful and excited. What if this was the kick in the pants we needed to try something extraordinary? This summer will be tough. I let the universe know I needed more cleaning clients and I was INUNDATED this weekend and have had to add an extra day of cleaning to my week--more money, less time with Evie. I am hoping this can be an opportunity for Scott to be the primary homeschooler on some days and that we can take the "searching for a job" period and really use it for fun family stuff.

I am trying to pinpoint what it is I want to do with my life. If I can really nail it down I wll work to make it happen. It has something to do with filmmaking, travel, sustainable agriculture and food awareness. Anybody got any good ideas?

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Beth said...

:-0 Oh gosh I'm so sorry!

No ideas, except that I think you'd make great documentary films!