Monday, April 09, 2007

the rhythm of the days

Today we read Hannah of Fairfield. Evie just laps up history like a cat laps cream. It is so fun to read to her!

Next we played with Evie's castle. We made up a ridiculously anachronistic story involving the queen's father (Crazy Harry of "Harry's Castle Emporium") providing the king and queen with their first castle, they finally decided to leave the 2 bedroom apartmnet they had lived in for so long. There was a search for a guard dragon, knight auditions, a fairy godmother--you get the idea.

We hiked a county park with friends in the afternoon. We saw watercress, skunk cabbage, a bubbling spring, pussy willows and verdant moss. In the last picture the girls are adding some furnishings to a fairy house. It was glorious and springy.

As always, a day well lived!

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