Monday, February 26, 2007

Never Boring

It has been several days since I have posted, we have been very busy. It snowed about 15 inches over the last three days, yesterday was full of snow forts and shoveling. I wish I could have gotten a picture that did justice to the fort in our front yard. It had two rooms, a wall, a turret and various "mouse holes." It was expansive and the warm weather means that the roof sagged in overnight.

We continued our exploration of early humans today, following are pictures of our goddess figures and our weapons/tools, bows and arrows and axes (all courtesy of Sculpey). Evie taught herself how to shoot arrows--turns out she is a crack shot and actually shot her Sculpey arrow through a bike trailer flag twice in a row. (She also shot an arrow through our screen door but that is another story!) She practiced for about two hours outside, her aim and strength is incredible! We created a storyline about hunting an auroch, I was relegated to the "gathering" part of "hunting and gathering" in that I can't get an arrow to shoot much of anything! The book that is infecting us most of all is A Step Into . . .The Stone Age by Charlotte Hurdman. We have plans to write a three part story together. The first part will tell a story from the perspective of a band of early humans. The second part will tell the story of archaeologists discovering the living site of the group from part 1. The third part of the story will be about people visiting a museum to see the artifacts and texts created by the archeaologists. What story will those museum visitors tell themselves? Way cool!

We sat down to read The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy. It is a fun read aloud and the story is really drawing us in. I had plans for a full afternoon but a neighborhood friend came by and Evie wasn't sure she wanted to play but I actually advocated for the friend to come in for awhile. Instead of turning them loose I asked if they could create a play. We came up with some things to incorporate in the play and they are upstairs creating it. Sometimes a little direction makes for a good afternoon for everyone. I have just watched the play entitled "A Clown's Picnic." Here is my clown:

I am working on finishing a skirt from some fabric I love from an old bedspread from a friend. I will post pictures soon.

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