Saturday, December 02, 2006


It finally turned cold and snowed! Before that happened we spent a wonderful day on Thursday with our usual tribe. We went to a Swedish coffee and chocolate shopped owned by a friend of one of our gang. I got a whole array for another tasting with the family for Scott's b-day. (We did this a few years ago with single origin chocolate from around the world--very fun!)

My mom came to spend the night Thursday because of the expected storm. She and Evie spent Friday mostly in bed reading comics, playing games with cursive ("fancy writing" as Evie calls it) and counting coins. Evie's neighborhood friends needed a school pickup so Mom and Evie did that and then my mom went home after I came home and the girls and I played here until dinnertime. Scott is home safely from Maine.

On my way to work yesterday I got stuck going up a hill and some kind pedestrains helped push me up. I couldn't stop to say "thank you" or I would have gotten stuck again. I felt so bad.

I hope we get a christmas tree this weekend. We went last weekend but after choosing several lovely possibilities Evie started to cry and said she just couldn't stand to have it turn brown and go away. We always keep the tree on our porch until her birthday (spring equinox) so we have the tree for a LOOOOOONG time and then it usually lives in our backyard for awhile. None of us really want a fake one, I am will willing to get a live one but they can only be kept inside for a short period of time. We thought of using dead branches from deciduous trees and making one--this has generated LOTS of conversation. My mom suggested to Evie that we bring the tree out to their place (big woods, country etc.) after her b-day and it can be rabbit habitat in the woods. Who knows what will happen. Following are pictures of our decorations so far. Is the tomten working at your house?

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