Sunday, November 19, 2006

I wonder why

I haven't been posting at all for 10 days now. I wonder why? Life has been lovely. Last weekend we went swimming, made luminarias, made presents for my mom's birthday and put up our Thanksgiving chain. Several years ago we put together a simple paper chain with the names of all the relatives we could think of, dead or alive on all sides of the family. We got to add a new link this year for my new nephew. I love that chain.

I have Christmas music in the CD player already and Friday night we went to look at the lights display acoss from our house (giant park, millions of lights). Evie has friends sleeping over again this weekend. They are delightful.

Yesterday we had friends over for homemade croissants and then we went to the home of another friend for a CHOCOLATE party! He had spent months creating the chocolates, it was fun and fabulous. He is really a professional potter by trade and we bought a cool bowl for Scott's mom. We then spent 3 or 4 hours running around in a park with the aforementioned croissant friends. I like talking to interesting people.

Life is just puttering along in an intersting way. I wish I had millions of pictures of links or anything to inspire. Instead we just have our happy life. For me, that's enough.

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