Sunday, October 08, 2006

A full and busy life

Since I last posted we have: gone to Massachusetts, see the most amazing museum exhibit ever (BODY WORLDS 2), climbed indoor rock walls, served food in a (pretend) Chinese restaurant, picked apples, run a lifecourse, met a new cousin, visited the 18th century (Old Sturbridge Village) whre we carded wool, made pots, sang, prayed and played old games. We have gone to gymnastics, been to a birthday party, seen friends, started a new homeschooling gym class, worked, worried about Scott's job situation and money. We have planned for our next trip, downloaded the pictures from our trip and gone grocery shopping. Of course I have missed many other things.

Today we are going to an all-day party at my parents' house. There will be two inflatable bouncy castles that I rented for the exclusive use by our fabulous homeschooling group. The treasury was too full, so I took care of it! The castles are also suitable for adults!

We leave again on Tuesday (D.C. this time, just Evie and I). What a full and blessed life we lead!

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