Monday, September 25, 2006

Still turning. . .

I love the fact that no matter what one does, the earth just keeps on turning. If you want time to speed up or slow down, it doesn't, it just keeps marching on. We have been dealing with some serious health issues in my family and we have passed a huge milestone. For the sake of privacy of the parties concerned I am choosing not to elaborate but Friday was a long and difficult day and things are looking up! Consequently we are going to MA for a vacation for a week and we are leaving Wednesday. I hope to post while we are away, we certainly have a lot of plans.

Until we leave I am trying to get our lives and our house in order for our housesitter, Evie is planning to get a haircut today and we both want to go play tennis for awhile. Friends are over this afternoon then gymnastics and out to the farm for dinner.

The sewing bug has bit me again as Halloween approaches. We had so much fun picking out stuff for Evie's costume last week. She is going to be a witch. I am adapting a pattern I got at a thrift store, it is from 1966 and my very favorite part can be seen in picture #2, below. I wonder if she still works there?

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