Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why is bubble gum spicy?

This morning Evie asked why bubble gum, is sometimes spicy. This led us to Wikipedia where we discovered that menthol is often an ingredient in bubble gum. Then we compared ingredients on Evie's two toothpastes: Princess Sparkle Bubblegum and Dreamy Sparkle Grape.

Then it was on to all things Egyptian. We made canopic jars (and the organs to go inside), papyrus, carved amulets out of soap and had lunch ancient Egypt style (cucumber, hummus, pita, plums etc.). I think the next project is mummifying one of Evie's dolls (toilet paper), putting her in a sarcophagus (bathtub), and recording her life on the walls in hieroglyphics (mural paper). We are going to see the King Tut exhibition in Chicago this weekend--hurray!

I get so much inspirations from other people's blogs. I feel like I should be spouting wisdom on a daily basis. I am not-duh! I am trying to give an accurate picture of what our unschooling family does, I hope that is interesting and informative to someone out there!

A day well lived!

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Leonie said...

Sometimes I get tired of inspiration and philosophy and just want to see how other unschooling families live. Love your day to day descriptions. Thanx!