Monday, July 10, 2006

Wild and Rejuvenating Monday

We had a wild thunderstorm last night that cut off our power around 8:00. Scott was back and Evie was happily chattering away and I could just sit in the dark!

I woke up this morning and sat some more. Evie slept and slept and I finally had to wake her up a few minutes after 9:00. We took two of her friends out to my parents' house for the morning where some workers needed to be let in. They played fanciful games in the harvest house, I watered plants and picked veggies and raspberries. The girls came out to harvest things for their game that was "taking place in the olden days." We had lunch, picked a zillion flowers and came home. Later this afternoon Evie and I took a long bike ride and went to a park. She is a delightful person to spend time with.

I have been having a momentary "panic" spell about her writing. She reads very well now and somehow I guess I think that should automatically mean she can write. She is so nervous about writing and NEVER just writes for the heck of it. It always has to be spelled right (she will never guess of sound it out). It, of course, makes me crazy. I have told her I don't care what the letters look like, I don't care if things are spelled correctly, I don't care if the lines are straight, I just want her to write. That, of course, is where I have gone wrong. I have to keep my mouth shut!!! More opportunities and reasons for writing crop up every day. If she needs to write she will figure out how. I should help only when asked--yeah, I really do need to keep my mouth shut.

A day pretty darn well lived--whadya' know!

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