Monday, July 10, 2006

I am tired

Scott was away in Door County this weekend. I worked on Friday then came home and started painting the porch. Evie spent the day with neighbors on Saturday so it was another full day of painting for me. It is all painted and stained now and looks great, Evie helped me put up much of the screen yesterday. We went to an art fair yesterday, saw some cool stainless steel baskets.

I went to my usual lists,
, to catch up on back topics. I then remembered why I keep my settings at "no mail." Most of the time I am just not interested in the problems of other people's lives. Maybe that sounds callous but I usually just want to write to people saying, "get over it, it will all be fine, enjoy yourself and your child!" Thank goodness for blogs which have given me a community and a place to find inspiration without so much baggage!

I am thinking of writing an article for Live Free Learn Free about having an only child. I am an "only" and I have an "only." For my personality, one is the way to go. I also think that Evie is an exceptionally easy kid to be with. I hear all these other parents talking about tantrums and troubles and complaining and "my kid won't do X." Sometimes I want to yell "She won't do X because she realizes X is a dumb thing to do!!!!"

I haven't posted here much lately because I am too grumpy. Just live your lives people, quit worrying about doing it "the same" as everyone else. Arrgggh!

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