Thursday, June 22, 2006


Oh how I wish I would have had a camera at park day today. No one showed up for the longest time and Evie and I were having a blast picking and eating mulberries. Three other families soon came and in a matter of minutes everyone was purple--purple hands, purple face, purple clothes.

Evie practiced on her stilts today for the circus parade tomorrow, she is very excited.

I submitted an article to Live Free Learn Free today. I want to write all sorts of things for all sorts of publications. We will see if any of them get accepted! I also submitted something to Wondertime magazine today--hmmmm. I am avidly reading National Geographic Traveler and wondering how I can win the lottery. I know, I know--you have to PLAY to win! LOL!

I didn't post yesterday because of melancholy. Evie often goes elsewhere to play. I have to admit I don't really like a bunch of kids in my house so sometimes I am glad. Yesterday I wished the kids would come play here. Partly because I want other parents to have some time and space to themselves, partly because I want kids to have fun here, and partly because I want to know what Evie is doing. Learning to balance her independence and my "need to know" is a challenge!

A day well lived.

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