Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bump Gnomes and Serious Reading

Today we didn't need to be anywhere until 1:00. We walked to the bakery to leisurely eat a doughnut. On the way home we played magic things and made up a new type of gnome who lives under the local speed bumps. Their job is to keep the storm sewers clean. We were both so taken with this idea that we immediately went to the sewing room to try to make one. Following is the bump gnome Evie made. It was immediately tied onto the back of Millie the bear for safe riding.

We went to Park Day where I laughed my head off with the other parents and Evie had a blast playing in the woods and gathering "wheat" (weeds) to grind to make bread. We rode home (that makes 50 miles for Evie this week!) and went to the pool.

The next picture is how I captured Evie last night. So far into her book that she can't even come up for air . . . no this picture was not staged!

A day well lived!

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