Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ice cream mix-ins

We had a lovely day today. We biked to the flowering tree section of our arboretum and played tag among the lilacs and crab apples. We did some shopping for our trip and got some ice cream. At the ice cream store Evie and I were both stunned as we listened to her mom and 6 year old son:

Mom: What do you want?
Kid: The blue stuff.
Mom: That's cotton candy, you won't like it.
Kid: Can I try it?
Mom: No, you won't like it.
Man behind the counter: Here's a sample! (Evie and I cheer silently)
Kid: I like it!
Mom: You want mint, don't you?
Kid: Yeah, I guess I do. I want the biggest size!
Mom: No, you get the kids size.
Kid: Why?
Mom: You are a kid, you get the kid size. What do you want mixed-in.
Kid: Nothing.
Mom: You get something mixed in for free. Do you want oreos?
Kid: No, nothing.
Mom: Chocolate chips? Snickers? You have to get something, pick something.
Man behind the counter: He doesn't have to get anything mixed in.
Mom: (ignoring the counter guy) Pick something, do I have to take back that Mario game?


After the kid had his kid size mint with chocolate chips he didn't want he sat at their table crying repeating "You said I HAVE TO get something. I didn't want anything." It was so totally bizarre that if we hadn't felt so sorry for the kid we would have laughed. The mom got a HUGE strawberry shortcake creation and the kid pointed out that, of course that had mix-ins it was strawberry shortcake, it has to have strawberries mixed in. His did not HAVE TO have somthing mixed in unless you asked his mother.

What is with people?

We "practice packed" for our trip and just hung out this evening, very nice.

A day well lived!


Miranda said...

That is sooo sad! And bizzare. I mean what does eating ice cream mix ins have to do with Mario games? Really.

Great blog, btw!
Miranda (www.unschoolinglife.blogspot.com)

Tracy said...

I love reading about your days well lived!

And wow... if the kid can't pick his own ice cream, I shudder to think of what other control issues this mother has.