Monday, April 24, 2006

Wild weekend

We put Evie's hair in braids for a night and got a great result!

We pulled invasive garlic mustard on Saturday as part of Youth Service Day for Earth Day. Evie played and played and played. She and friends made up a game called bike tag. It is freeze tag played on bikes in a circular parking lot. If you pass someone they are frozen. To get unfrozen you have to hold someone's hand for five seconds or get passed by a two-year old on a tricycle. Their bikes are horses and they are all (age 2-11) crazy for this game. They are a hoot to watch.

We went to a performance at Evie's trapeze studio on Sunday, we even went out to breakfast (rare).

Today Evie and I planted onions out on the farm and transplanted hollyhocks and lettuce to here.

Scotland is becoming a reality and that is crazy. I am involved in too many organizations and that is crazy.

I noticed that Evie helps around the house in ways I never really considered. She sits down with me to fold the laundry, she picks stuff up from the dinner table and puts things in the dishwasher, if she hears the washer go off she will switch loads (or ask for help in doing so). All this struck me after a conversation I had with a mom who was wondering why Evie didn't have chores, specifically allowance tied to chores. I honestly just looked at this woman blankly because I didn't know what to say. Finally I said "She gets an allowance because there are child labor laws and more fun things for her to do than have to earn money and she doesn't have assigned chores because I don't either. We all just kind of live." It sounded lame to my ears at the time but I think I am proud of it now.

Here's to our wild life and days well lived!

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