Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Forward

This weekend was insane! Evie had her last trapeze class for awhile. She was invited to be in a circus parade this summer and has prompted her trapeze instructor to think about holding an advanced skills class to accomodate her. Scott fixed her trapeze here at home, the closing hook that attaches it to the ceiling was getting worn and Evie said that she has "safety concerns" about it.

We removed a 450 pound concrete and steel utility sink from our basement last night--I hurt my back and almost broke my hand. Scott replumbed the new one and now I can do laundry without flooding the laundry room. Scott cleaned the kitchen until it sparkled, even the teapot!!!

Evie and I did a million errands today and read our usual library full of books. Evie bought a new Nancy Drew (an original 1951 edition) and we are deep into it already. One of our errands was picking up two tennis rackets off Freecycle. I have no idea how to play tennis so we had fun whacking the balls in our driveway.

The most recent edition of Live Free Learn Free arrived in my mailbox today--it is the best ever and really speaks to the joy that is the unschooling life. From an article entitled "Life Curriculum" by Miranda Demarest comes the sentence: "Life is all you need to learn all you need to live." Blessed be!

Scott has his bread-baking group tonight so I think Evie and I will either bake cupcakes (she got a really cool set of cake decorating tips for her b-day) or go to the neighbors house to watch cooking shows (we don't have cable and they are out of town--I love our neighborhood!)

A day well lived!

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