Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Scott made Evie stilts for her birthday. The second time she was on them she was cruising up and down the block. Now she can stand on one leg, twirl and do other amazing things. She and Scott would love to build a tightrope in the backyard but it is hard to get something that can stand have that much tension on it (even trees are too bendy).

On Sunday we went to see STOMP with my parents. Last night we went to see Cirque Dreams. STOMP was fantastic, Cirque Dreams was great fun too, we are really spoiled by the technical and artistic level of Cirque du Soleil . We saw some cool jump roping that was new to us in Cirque Dreams and there was a really spectacular double trapeze act. They also used a black light and costumes very effectively. We went to a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop after the show and didn't crawl into bed until after 10:00 (that's late for all of us!) Luckily, Evie had the foresight to take a nap earlier in the day so she was fine.

We went to the library yesterdy and went a little crazy, lots of project books. I am excited to see what all we come up with, I have felt in a rut lately!

I have a catering job and a church service I am involved in this weekend, my next big thing is speaking at the WPA Home Education Conference at the beginning of May. Hopefully we will be traveling for the rest of May!

Our day has only just begun but the last few have been very well lived!

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