Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

We started the morning with breakfast and a short movie about the Ancient Inca civilization. We followed that up with Little Sherlock Bear. Then we rode our bikes and Evie walked around the neighborhood on stilts. We shuffled through our always full garage and pulled out some Little Tikes building toys that our neighors gave Evie a few days ago. Their kids (now in college) enjoyed them and Evie and her friends do too. Then we came inside and read books. Here is what we read today:

Boxcar Children #4: Mystery Ranch
Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story
The Gospel Cinderella
Three Samurai Cats
My Costume Book
A Child's Book of Art

We went to the grocery store to buy food for a catering job I have this weekend. Evie played with friends this afternoon, they made a treasure map (stained with coffee, very authentic looking). We had dinner and watched a GREAT program called The Story of One, check your local public TV listings. I also ate a Ben and Jerry's flavor that is the answer to a prayer: Black and Tan--cream stout ice cream with a thick chocolate swirl, yes!!!!

A day very well lived!

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Sandra Dodd said...

-=- Black and Tan--cream stout ice dream with a thick chocolate swirl, yes!!!!-=-

I like your blog lots. Scotland is exciting. But about a mile from my house is a Ben & Jerry's, and this news might change my life for the better. COOL!