Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Holi!

Scott's biggest trade show of the year happens this weekend. After a crazy morning of missing international FedEx boxes and car swaping and general panic I eventually went to work (thanks to my mom and Evie). Scott found his stuff and his day proceeded smoothly.

When I came home in the afternoon the whole house was decorated with bright crepe paper and signs saying "Happy Holi!" We celebrated the Hindu holiday of Holi which marks the beginning of Spring and commemorates the triumph of good over evil.

Evie and my mom had walked up to a neighborhood Indian restaurant to get various accompaniments for our meal, they talked to he restaurant owner awhile, he was very excited someone was celebrating. Part of the fun of Holi is throwing color on anyone and everyone. The colors are called "gulal" and used to be made of powdered flowers and minerals but are now mainly commercial. There are wet and dry versions and by the end of the day everyone is covered, head to toe, in color. Evie and my mom made plain white saris for everyone and after dinner we threw paint like mad! It was great! Unfortunately Scott had the camera!

A day well lived!

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