Saturday, March 11, 2006

At home with myself

What happened today?

We ate breakfast all together and then Scott went off to work . . . we won't see him until tomorrow.
I had to apologize to a friend for a horrible and embarassing mistake, Evie came with me.
We played in the mud at 60 degree weather.
My dad came to trapeze.
Evie tried a new hang and a whole new apparatus today--she looks so beautiful flying through the air.
We played Barbies.
Evie went to a birthday/slumber party tonight.
I am doing laundry, pointedly NOT cleaning, getting ready to go on vacation tomorrow, planning for Evie's b-day, eating chocolate chips.

I am happy and grateful for our life, I am not sure I have been home by myself at night in 6 years! All the lights are on, the cats are crawling over me and the radio is on loud!

A day well lived!

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