Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow glorious snow!

It finally snowed buckets today! Evie woke up early this morning and came down, eyes closed, grinning ear to ear to find me (on the computer of course). "It snowed Mama!" "Yup, you still sleepy?" "Yup!" She went back to sleep for a few hours on the couch.

We were supposed to have homeschooling friends over today but it was blizzardy this morning! The girl coming over was quite sad they couldn't make it so called Evie to talk on the phone. Evie does not like talking on the phone. However, when I told her her friend was on the phone and she was sad Evie got out of the bathtub and went dripping over to the phone. She had the longest phone conversation (to date) of her life and seemed to really enjoy it!

Evie went across the street to play because school was cancelled today. I puttered, cleaned and read. I went over and joined Evie for lunch across the street and then we went out to play! Many hours and a sledding adventure later we were home with one additional kid. They are playing "Journey" a travel game of Evie's invention. Tonight is Dancing with the Stars.

A day well lived!

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Danielle said...

Eeek! Jen! Hi!

I found your blog via UDiscussion, and as I'm reading along and see the climbing photo, then the letterboxing, then Cirque du Soleil, I was floored and determined to figure out where you guys live so we could get together!

Alas, I found out you're all the way in Wisconsin, living parallel lives to us in Maryland. *sigh*

Glad to find your blog, and perhaps we'll meet up at a conference sometime!