Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A new language

Today we had plans to read for the whole morning. We read almost all of Edward Eager's Magic or Not? I didn't sleep much last night so we decided to go lay in bed awhile. Evie made up a new language called "Gwakigwoodle" and taught it to me. According to her the language is taught to people by migrating blue, whale and lemon sharks. The sharks winter habitat is off the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean (real place, look it up, I had to) and they migrate North in the summer to an area off the coast of Greenland. She taught me how to say a few basic things in Gwakigwoodle and then went to get paper and pen to teach me to write. The Gwakigwoodle alphabet has 24 more letters in addition to the English alphabet. Some letters and sounds are very hard to say and draw, some make complete pictographic sense. Evie wrote me a card in Gwakigwoodle and then translated it for me (I love you Mommy. I love you today. Love, Evie). I told her I wanted to learn to write "I love you" in Gwakigwoodle so she very patiently showed me how to form the letters and make the sounds. I practiced the phrase about 5 times until it looked like Evie's. I love learning new languages, this one is tough. I love experiencing how Evie teaches me I hope it is a reflection of what she experiences because it is WAY cool!

The rest of our day took us first to our open dance group. It is one hour, every other week, warm yoga studio, crazy music, Evie and organize it. The kids seemed to have a great time yesterday, I am still trying to draw the other parents into uninhibited dancing. I was sweaty and gross and tired and happy by the end, having run, jumped and carried most of the kiddos at one time or another. We came home, Evie went to find friends (she ended up baking scones across the street). I worked on the computer. We made homemade noodles together for dinner and we watched more Olympics. Evie spent the whole time jumping of the trampoline pretending she was going over ski jumps in a mogul contest.

A day well lived!

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Mary Ellen said...

Oh, I love those Edward Eager stories!