Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

This is the 3rd cake of 2009. It is, of course, an inauguration cake, complete with a Sculpey figure of our 44th president, Barack Obama.

We watched and cheered and cried and cheered and were awestruck and grateful.
We were with my parents.

Joy continued when, unexpectedly, a friend loaned Evie three more fitness balls for circus tricks. She bounced and balanced for the rest of the day.

Scott pointed out that he believed today was the first positive, global celebration since the moon landing. Joy exploded around the world today. The hard work is ahead. We, as global partners are up to the challenge. It is a new day, and the world is glad!


tiff said...

oh boy...what a day...i love that evie made a cake for the occasion...beautiful!

the exercise balls look like lots o' fun to balance on...wowzers.

Sandra Dodd said...

MMM.... cake. If you think of songs about cakes, play them on the lyrics game, maybe!


This makes me want to make a cake too. Could I include your cake on this page? sandradodd.com/cake

Lynch Family said...

Evie would be thrilled to be included in an entire page about cakes! Thanks! You have inspired me to do a whole post on Evie and her cakes . . .stay tuned!