Saturday, February 25, 2012

You never know what's next!

Yeah, so this week kind of disappeared in a flurry of wow.  We went to St. Paul last weekend to hang out with dear friends.  While there, we attended at 80s themed Roller Derby night.  The Mad Rollin' Dolls are way more fun.  Sorry Minnesota.  The kids made a circus and a restaurant for us on Sunday night.  Awesome conversations and ending with free breakfast at Ikea on Monday--gotta love it!

Note the "Flock of Seagulls" hair in the front row!

The rest of the week included massive amounts of Aikido, Evie's final cake decorating class of this series, Capture the Flag, indoor rock climbing, tapas, movies, a Zumbathon, kimchi, mail art, TONS of La Fortuna Pizza goodness and approximately 3.4 million pages read by Evie.  I realized trying to keep that "current reading" sidebar up to date is ridiculous.  If we read something particularly cool I will just blog about it.

I probably missed a lot.

We're headed to the yogathon in honor of Jean this morning.

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