Monday, February 13, 2012

I think it is Monday

We work our a**es off for 6 months of the year.  Then we have 6 months to catch up on fixing the house, doing taxes, seeing our friends etc. etc.  This past weekend we did a good job of having fun.  Roller Derby was awesome--I see Evie as a derby girl in a few years.  I am totally game to do it myself, a little scared of the bruising.

We made a list of stuff we have to do and stuff we want to do.  Now we are doing both.

 Ripped up nasty carpet, painted stairwell--Evie's room is next.

Deep into the Iliad (the fault of Son of Neptune, round 23).  Wikipedia is getting a workout.  She says she loves endnotes.

I have fallen in love with mail art.  This is a big deal because I don't usually "do" art without a practical application.  We have a mail art in guild in Madison (started by a friend, populated with friends).  It has gotten my creative juices jumpin'.

Might be Monday, does it matter?  Let's get together at Stephanie's place each week to compare notes!


Jessica said...

Cool. Mail Art, you say? Interesting. I'm married to an artist, yet I've never heard of the movement. Methinks I will have to ask him about it...

I stopped over from Steph's!

Stephanie said...

I hadn't read here, yet, but saw that bright, beautiful picture, and thought "Wish Jen would share!" :) And here you are.

I have that one on my shelf. :) Haven't started it. Along with Walden.

I am inspired!!!