Monday, November 14, 2011

Twirly Swirl is back!

Twirly Swirl Grand Opening, October 2009

Twirly Swirl Fall Tea, November 2011

My mom and Evie held the Twirly Swirl Fall Tea yesterday out at Still Point. There has not been a TS event since the grand opening back in 2009. It was a small, lovely group in attendance.

My mom and Evie planned and baked and baked and planned. Evie's schedule is piece to behold!

After we all ate delicious things the gaggle of girls went out to play Capture the Flag until dark, the adults stayed inside and laughed away all the calories we had just consumed. It was an excellent, excellent day.

(My mom looks the same, Evie has changed so much. Also, the sophistication of recipes undertaken this year was miles above the original event. All yummy.)


mommypie said...

Oooo--I'd be hitting the like button if I was on the correct social media interface. Nice aprons, too!

Lynch Family said...

You may recognize the pattern, eh?

mommypie said...

I do : ).