Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching our attention

It is a rainy, cool morning this morning. Now that our work life has slowed down, our attentions can be turned elsewhere. Here are some things that have caught our eyes.

First let me say that I really dislike when people call science DEMONSTRATIONS, science EXPERIMENTS. You are not supposed to know the outcome of experiments (although you may have a strong hypothesis). That being said, I love playing around with science demonstrations. Here are some very fun sites to explore:

Hunkin's Experiments (over 200 home experiments)

Experiments and Demonstrations (Clicking through this site could take you the rest of your life--in a good way.)

We are headed to the San Francisco Exploratorium in November. Maybe we'll see an episode of Iron Science Teacher.

Slightly more complicated demonstrations here: RMCybernetics - Simple Science Experiments and Demonstrations

We have a friend who works on CERN's LHC (Large Hadron Collider) project (I know, how cool is that?) We have watched two things this week that have greatly improved my understanding of the working of the LHC.

Large Hadron Rap

World's Toughest Fixes - Atom Smasher

All this makes us want to make things, explore things, try things. We look forward to heading to Sector67. Many of our friends are already deeply involved--oh the possibilities!

Scott has been re-doing his workshop, Evie is deep into math-for-the-sake-of-math, I have been reading and reading (my current favorite from this amazing duo: What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets).

As usual, Aikido is playing a strong role in the lives of Scott and Evie. Evie will be attending a seminar with Saotome Sensei in November. She is very excited.

Photo (during her kyu test) courtesy of one of Evie's senseis, Kerry Connel.

What is capturing your attention these days?


Eluciq said...

love this. attention has been turned towards the boys' i watch them change before my eyes into these fabulous, kind, considerate humans that have strong opinions, different personalities and a fashion sense that i don't always get or understand. i am watching one boy move towards xTreme tricks and one boy that would like to make money by kid-sitting...always interesting...but at the end of the day and even in the middle of the day they still love huggin' up on their mama and daddy!

thanks for sharing what you are up to now that pizza making has slowed down...which by the way i would love to have your pizza...smiles!

denise said...

Oh, we are in sync today. :) Lots of science here too. We know of some of those links, but a few are new. Woo hoo!

Stephanie said...

Cool. New science pages. :)