Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday--all over the map (SL)

I did miss running over the winter--it's when I listen to the news and catch up on what's going on in the world. Got caught up on TV and movies on the treadmill over the winter, but now that the streets are clear, it's nice to get out and see real stuff again, including bikers, wildlife, and other signs of spring.

Took Evie to Aikido. The Sunday sessions twice a month are focused on Ukemi, or the art of moving away from harm. It's extremely philosophical practice, because part of it is to practice Aikido in a way that helps your partner to learn the techniques correctly. It's a small and fun group. They did an exercise called "advantage/disadvantage" in which you make the smallest adjustment possible in order to turn your disadvantage into an advantage over your partner. It's fascinating to see how much more subtle are the movements of two black belts doing it compared to the much bigger and more obvious choices made by junior students. Really fun to see what mastery looks like (although of course nobody will ever admit to mastery. . .the more you know, the more you have to learn, and all that).

We then ran some errands, including a visit to one of the new-school shopping malls. Perhaps you've seen them. They have condos attached. It does make me realize how far outside the mainstream we are when I can't fathom how anyone would ever want to live at the mall. Stopped in at Whole Foods to graze on some free samples and to recycle some #5 plastic (they participate in a cool program called Gimme 5)

Afterwards, went to a very cool choral performance of Missa Gaia (Earth Mass) featuring Jen's dad as part of the ensemble. It was a really ambitious undertaking, several months in the making. It incorporates lots of poetery from diverse sources (Wendell Berry, the bible, etc) about caring for our earth. I have to say that while I totally appreciated both the content and the technical achievement of pulling it off, I did not love the music. Like much modern choral music, it's a little short on melody for my ear. Those who know me may observe that I am hardly qualified as a music critic, however, as the only way I could carry a tune is if it had a handle.

Then a fun dinner out with the in-laws. Monday is back to office work, and lots more Aikido (yay!, or as they say in Japan, Sugoi!).

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can i say that i love that all of you are fun!