Friday, April 01, 2011

Signifi(cants, cance) (JAL)

Yesterday was a good one! I am increasing my running mileage this week to 30 miles, I'd like to keep it about there when I am not training for something. Running this week has allowed for a lot of wildlife viewing!

After we had all had breakfast I headed to the grocery store, I am catering a doula training for the trainers I first worked with back in 1997! This will be the 22nd doula training for which I have provided food--time flies!

Scott did office work.

Evie went to the hardware store by herself for the first time. She bought more parts for the clubhouse.

Evie and Scott went to Aikido while I cooked a million things. I helped Evie install carpet in the clubhouse and then I got the mail . . .

We learned that Evie received a partial scholarship for a camp she really wants to go to this summer! She wrote a great essay and got a wonderful recommendation from a sensei at the dojo. She pretty much danced around for the rest of the afternoon singing the camp song (I went there as a kid too) and decorating the clubhouse.

Easy weekend coming up, April is our last month without pizza business, then all heck breaks loose. I think we are all more prepared for the workload this year and heaven knows we NEED the money! We are tying up ends (loose or otherwise) and soaking in our last bits of leisure.

Happy April!


Andrea said...

Love the idea of using the old chicken coop for a new purpose! What a huge amount of cleaning that must have taken:) Darn chickens! Happy for the scholarship news for the camp, it sounds well-deserved. Awesome mileage you are putting in!!

Lynch Family said...

I probably should have explained about our chickens . . . they never learned to roost and except for the dead of winter (and nighttime) free ranged. Consequently they never pooped in the hen house. They just slept there cuddled together in a nesting box. Food and water was in their run so the coop itself was always pretty clean. We still vacuumed and bleached it etc. but it was easily transformed into a clubhouse!

Eluciq said...

waa-hoo...we are so excited for it overnight camp?

independence is so fun...i love that the kids are willing to push their comfortable boundaries...even if i miss them little...smiles!

oh pizza...try and enjoy april...knowing that life will be busy in a good way.

jen are you still a doula too? or do you just keep your foot in the door? you are my doula friend...and i share that when it comes up in conversation. :)

Lynch Family said...

Tiff: "Yes" to sleep-away camp, "no" to doula work, I stopped when I was about 5 months preggers with Evie. I've still managed to go to about a birth a year since she was born though--yay for pregnant friends!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Congrats on the scholarship!
Wow to the running. I ran about 1 mile today and....well, I did it, at least.
Will I see you at Verona Farmer's Market again this year?

Maggie said...

Hooray for camp! I spent many happy summers at El Lago del Bosque and my brother is a Lac du Bois alum. So many good memories - and so many songs still stuck in my head from those summers in MN!

denise said...

That camp looks awesome! Congrats Evie! :)

deedee9998 said...

What a camp, full of alot of experiences..and memories.