Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Beginnings (JAL)

Evie and her aunt putting the finishing touches on Jean's 70th b-day cake, just one week and 3 days before she died.

We are all back in WI now. I think we refer to Scott's mom (Jean) approximately 34 times a day right now. About the same number as when she was still alive. Sometimes we are laughing, sometimes tears start. It is a new chapter in our lives.

Hanging laundry with Jean in 2007.

This week's loads.

Two of my new raised beds.

Yesterday I hung laundry on the line for the first time this year. Jean was one of the only people I could call to tell I had hung my laundry. I always sent pictures and she always admired them. (Totally dorky--I freely admit it.) I made some new raised beds too. It has been brutally cold this spring so I haven't planted anything. Our bulbs are blooming though and that is a start.

Our first day of work is tomorrow. We get to provide food for a fundraiser for a friend who is hoping to compete in the 2014 Olympics in speedskating. We are so confident of his chances (he is the real deal) we have started saving for our tickets to Sochi. The first day of our new work season represents a new start. We will work incredibly hard over the next six months. It will probably be easier than last year, but still very challenging. What will it bring? We are hoping to work on our work/life balance. I'll let you know.

We are speaking at our state home education conference next weekend. The theme of the conference is DIY. Scott is doing a session on sourdough baking and we are doing a session as a family about business development. We are working on our presentations today. We bought new sheets for Evie's bed and new underwear for me (TMI, I know!) I read an accounting book this week and kinda' got into it! I have to learn how to use Quickbooks.

We are facing a lot of new beginnings right now. I guess we'll just charge ahead.


ItMakesYouSmile said...

Welcome back to life, though it will never be the same. Though we move on, we never forget - ever.

Now, here's my TMI:

New underwear - YEAH! After getting down to 3 embarrassing pairs (mostly because I can't STAND to go beyond the intersection of Gammon and Mineral Pt - locals will know what I mean - and I WILL NOT go to Target at Hilldale), I splurged on 3 packages of pretty, printed ones. It's the little things in life, don't you know. I feel like a 3 year old who just got "big girl" panties - woo hoo! Makes getting dressed in the morning more fun.

I have a laundry line question for you: how do you deal with bird-doo? I've been completely discouraged from hanging outdoors because of it.

Lynch Family said...

Funny, in 14 years of hanging laundry I have never had a bird poop on stuff. Hmmm. Does that mean I am due? We have lots of trees surrounding our yard but none hang over where I hang laundry, maybe that is the difference. I also hang two lines inside our porch for underwear and socks so I don;t have to waste space and pins with those outside, I just drape them and leave 'em.

p.s. I LOVE my new undies!