Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Really a lot of snow

Spent last night worrying our furnace vents would get drifted in, spent 6 hours today shoveling. We had a drift in front of our garage that was over my head and a corner of our roof with over 6 feet of snow drifted on it. Had some fabulous help from a neighbor with a snow blower for the giant drift. Evie and I did the rest, our screen porch was completely encased in snow and had 8 inches standing in it.

After a hot shower we went back out to explore the neighborhood. It is snowy.

We read, watched an episode of The Story of Maths, played with decimals, answered email, read and we started our first ever family fan-fiction festival for February! Each week one of us will pick a book series and a scenario and we will each have one week to write a story. Evie picked Harry Potter for this week (big surprise), the scenario involves all of the off spring of the primary characters and their interactions at Hogwarts. I haven't written fiction in a long time and it is fun!

Scott is out in MA, we Skyped for dinner. It was pretty cool to take the computer outside to show him our shoveling handiwork. Gotta love technology.

We're beat. Plans for epic game of Capture the Flag tomorrow, it is going to be a cold one!

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Jessica said...

Coming from somewhere that has no snow, ever, all i can say is WOW.