Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where to start?

This morning we hung one of Evie's Christmas presents. Scott's mom's father brought back these six prints from Japan after World War II. Not only are they a piece of family history (one of Evie's fave presents in general) they are also Japanese (Evie's favorite country). To top it off, one panel depicts stilt-walkers, another depicts a lumberjack! It is like they were made for her! We cleaned them up a bit and wired them to a bamboo pole. They look awesome!

Then Scott fixed our couch. The left half has been sagging in a major way--as in my aunt could barely get out of it the other day! We had just been to a party recently where a woman described how she opened up her couch and fixed the springs. Scott did the same. It is like a new couch. That combined with my recent mind-bogglingly stellar clean up of a cat puke so colossal that Scott thought we would have to torch the couch, leads me to believe to believe that we are some sort of genius fix-it pair. Maybe.

Aikido again. Apparently Evie really surprised a rather large opponent when she neatly toppled him. She may be shorter than everyone else but that girl is grounded--and has some fierce hip action.

Then we went to see Tangled. Great movie. Can't imagine a little kid would like it or understand it at all.

Evie's fashion show is on FRIDAY!!! It is worthy of a post unto itself. She has worked so hard on it. That will have to be another day.


Stephanie said...

In my top ten list of favorite books is a Reader's digest New Fix It Yourself manual.
Swapped out my light fixtures, welded copper pipes (plumbing), and fixed a very small part between the motor and the transmission (the coupling) of my washing machine.
Do It You's self so rocks. :)

Go Jenn and Scott!

Stephanie said...

Oh, wait.

Those flags are absolutely gorgeous.
Forgot to say that. :)

tara said...

The Japanese prints are lovely. My boy has just begun an interest in Naruto, Japanese martial arts and maybe some cooking ~ we're going to try and make sushi soon.

My hubby just re-wired my ancient vacuum last night and I'm so happy!
Fixin' instead of replacin' works for me :0)