Sunday, December 12, 2010


Serious snow here . . . after a day of rain, yikes!

Here is a cool animation about the scale of things in our universe and beyond: Scale of Universe - Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool

In the past two days I have heard mention of Archimedes Death Ray on both MythBusters and in the first episode of a fascinating series we are watching called The Story of Maths.

Also from the category of "connections" I have heard (and learned for the first time) the word borborygmos which means "audible abdominal sounds." I learned it from Scott's screensaver and later heard a discussion of the word on NPR.

Go figure. I encountered two new things and then has them pop up in my life again in a matter of days. Gotta love connections!


Eluciq said...

you are so cool Jen! i just love your enthusiasm for life and learning!

denise said...

Happens to us all the time. And Archimedes Death Ray - totally fun stuff. My husband and I are into scientific history and that is all fun cool stuff!