Sunday, October 31, 2010


We started our day with the Madison Mud Run. The race is approximately 5 miles (give or take) and involves 16 obstacles including a river crossing in waist-deep freezing water and concluding with a GIANT mud pit through which one has to crawl. Costumes were encouraged. We went as the three little pigs.



Discarded shoes

Evie won 2nd place in her age division.

We ran the race in 53 minutes and 3 second. A good way to start a wacky day.

We finished with friends over for dinner and some trick or treating. This is a post for recording a day, deep thoughts (and there are some) are for another time. Not many photos from the evening, here is one:

Morgan le Fay


mk said...

OF COURSE Scott is an astronaut. Question is, which Apollo Mission was he from?

Good to see you guys smiling and enjoying the little victories in life. Congrats to Evie and her medal!

Lynch Family said...

Neil Armstrong--Apollo 11. Saw that one comin', eh?

mommypie said...

Evie, you look just like your mom when you are wearing curly hair : ).