Friday, October 22, 2010

A Few Thoughts

I had a few thoughts combined with a few moments to write them down.

1) I had a funny conversation with a neighbor recently about her child in kindergarten. The mom was expressing amazement at being in the classroom with her daughter and "all she is being taught." She went on to ask how I ever managed to teach Evie "blah, blah and blah." I chuckled (mostly to myself) and said that except for once showing her my way to tie a shoe, I wasn't sure I had ever directly taught her much. Brings to mind the quote from Einstein, "I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." Hmmm. Interesting to think about.

2) Our week has been very different. The pizza business is slowing down for the season and we are having to relearn what to do with ourselves every day. It really brought to mind the idea of "de-schooling." We have watched a lot of TV this week, lazed around and tried to reacquaint ourselves with the idea of "our own time"--a little disorienting actually.

Lots of unexpected bills this week too. New catalytic converter, new stove.

Here is the new stove, looks basically like the old one, I had to take a picture because it will never be this clean again.

Fashion continues as well, here is the handmade crinoline under the two taffeta skirts, the bodice is not yet attached. Wowza! Evie said she loves the fabric cutter she always gets at the store because she didn't even bat an eye when Evie asked for 8 yards of tulle nor when Evie told her she was making a crinoline for a tafetta ball gown. I wasn't with her, I wish I had been! ;)

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