Monday, August 09, 2010

But wait, there's more!

Lovely day yesterday of ANYTHING WE WANTED!!!!

Hit more red tape today with the business. Scott is calm, I am not. We have some serious advocates for us at the Health Dept.. Rules are challenging. I don't like being under scrutiny when common sense is not the rule of law.


Scott and I have been concerned about La Fortuna taking over Evie's childhood. No question that a business is a great way to learn about life, it is not the only thing in the world however. To that end, we have re-juggled things, gotten better systems in place, formed more alliances and now, things are going well. Evie helps with dough and at the markets and that is all. She hasn't had any LF work for 5 days and she has been boiling over with creativity.

Aikido continues to intrigue her and ground her. She has started attending karate classes at the same dojo. Karate doesn't sing to her soul in the same way as Aikido, but she likes the physical challenges.

She has also been sewing up a storm for a fashion show/tea she and friends are planning for December (yes, they plan ahead.) She is learning more and more about the sewing machine, looking up techniques and experimenting. The pythagorean therom even came up the other day as she worked out a pattern that accounted for her callipygian nature (look it up, it is her second favorite word). Since you can't solve for two variables without two equations to cross check, she made a scale model instead--damn she is clever.

Finally, I would like to post some gratuitous picture of my garden produce. I suffer from the mosquitoes to get these juicy bits. I actually grew a melon! It looks just like the ones on the seed packet! As usual, we have tomatoes coming out of our ears. Tomatoes and I have an understanding.

Wow. Life is some ride! Sometimes, I would like to steer!


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Finding balance has been the most difficult part for us since moving to the farm 7 years ago. I, too, don't want the boys to feel their entire lives are nothing but work. There are times when that is true but we try for the balance. It takes work and attention. You guys are wonderful parents!
I LOVE her designs!! I'll be at the market today!!!!

Stephanie said...

"Sometimes I'd like to steer."

I don't mind "running to keep up" days, but I definitely like to steer often. :)

Hooray to Evie.

I hope all goes smooth with the silly health laws!

mommypie said...

I wish I had an understanding with tomatoes.

Good luck with everything else!